Our Process

We believe that money is not the primary focus of life. Rather, it is a resource that should be used prudently to support life – in all its abundance. Our expert financial planning services are mindfully designed to support you.
Abundant Wealth Strategies’ client relationships are founded upon personalized advice, cash flow analysis, investment portfolios, and service adapting to the unique needs of you the client. The team invests significant time into fostering familiarity with you as an individual so we can serve your financial needs. Our firm offers a comprehensive plan including coordinating other professionals for the best interests of our clients’ needs. The team intentionally maintains this personal relationship throughout the multiple stages of you and your future generations financial journey.

As a CFP® practitioner I will engage in conversations encompassing the following:

  • Spending Policy (Cash Flow Management)
  • Philanthropic Gifting
  • Emphasis on Withdrawal Rates
  • Investment/Portfolio Design
  • Tax Considerations
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Retirement Planning Vehicles
  • Estate Planning Creation
Withdrawal rates matter for a portfolio. It’s time to get educated no matter the wealth.
Conversations around our client’s personal spending policy .... what does it cost to maintain your current lifestyle? Looking at a financial plan and only focusing on the income without exploring the expenses, does not complete the process. While many advisers avoid this analysis, as it requires more time and detail and can slow down the initial investment process, our firm asks the questions. Considered highly skilled in lifestyle analysis reports, I am more than competent to analyze. This is unique as many financial planners simply choose to overlook this critical step.