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Abundant Wealth Strategies

A generational Wealth Advisory Firm

“As I was contemplating the practice, I thought of that which represented my clients since 1992 and who they have become. Abundant is the word that kept coming to mind. I have watched so many of them become empowered and start new chapters in their life, embracing life changes whether it’s graduation, the birth of new grandchildren, transitioning post-divorce or after the loss of a spouse, beating cancer, and small business owners attempting early retirement because of their commitment to our plan.

Their lives are full and abundant, and I am blessed to have them as my clients.
The name Abundant Wealth merely reflects those who we serve on a daily basis.”

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Abundant Wealth Strategies

“Knowing your future is absolutely assured can free you to live life abundantly today.”
- Melissa Océan
Founder and CEO Abundant Wealth Strategies
Abundant Wealth Strategies is an independent boutique generational wealth advisory firm. Melissa has been serving clientele since 1992 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Abundant Wealth Strategies’ professional purpose is to provide our clients with generational wealth advise that utilizes tailored boutique services.

We're Different

Boutique Advisory Focus

Simply we listen.

What are your personal desires that will allow you to live life abundantly from generation to generation and how do we get there together? Dig deep the journey is worth it.

Empowerment thru education.

When care and patience is taken to explain financial terms, spending policies and risk tolerance, you become empowered to make decisions that you might have previously been fearful of implementing. The proper education creates freedom. Allowing you to move through the financial process with confidence in yourself and your team of professionals. Withdrawal rates matter for a portfolio. It’s time to get educated no matter the wealth.

Power in the process.

We understand transition, since 1992.
No matter what form it entails.
We are here to walk through each phase with grace and ease as various options are explored. Patiently implementing when the understanding and timing are present.

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